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Services We Offer


Garnet is the go to gun for hire and can provide content from start to finish, whether you are looking for local production assistants or line producers, studio time or long days in the everglades.Learn More »

Special Events

We believe all your events are special! However, our forte is conceptualizing an event that is not only fun and entertaining, but an experience that your attendees’ will never forget. This event can be recorded live to tape, live on air, or direct to web!Learn More »


Instructional Videos, Marketing & Promotional Videos, Educational VideosLearn More »


As a company that experiences the fast paced rush of entertainment, Garnet has made a commitment to work with organizations dedicated to making a difference. The Garnet team shares a commitment to not only work within the local community but to work with international organizations. Our goal is to help create a greener planet and a more humane world.Learn More »


Creativity can sometimes get lost amidst the hustle and bustle that is production, especially with cutthroat deadlines being the norm! At Garnet we take time to work with you to review, edit, and aid in getting the ideas out of your head and in the appropriate format. Whether you are looking to adapt, write an original piece, conceptualizing an event, want to add spice to an overly used concept, or just need advice on where to go next, we can help you come with an original and thorough product for presentation.Learn More »